General Questions and Answers

Q: How do I view the bikes in person?

A: Viewing bikes are by appointment only, no walk in’s, please contact RMD Motors via email to set up an appointment.

Q: What type of payment options are accepted?

A: RMD Motors only accepts bank transfer/wire payments to our Japan corporate bank account before any bikes are shipped.

Q: Who is responsible for shipping fees?

A: Buyer pays all shipping fees.

Q: What if the bike arrives and there is a problem?

A: We will work with the buyer to resolve the problem so all parties are happy.

Q: Do I have to make shipping arrangements?

A: NO! RMD Motors can arrange shipment to any country worldwide or the buyer can arrange shipping.


Q: What kind of crate/case does the bike come in?

A: RMD Motors builds high quality crates/cases in-house with treated wood that can be shipped to any country worldwide.
Please see picture on this page for just one example of a shipping crate/case that we built in-house.

Q: For container shipments of more than one bike who loads the bikes?

A: Our staff personally loads and secures your bikes daily in 20 and 40 foot containers. We do not use any third party companies to handle your precious cargo.


Q: Who is RMD Motors?

A: RMD Motors are motorcycle riders, enthusiasts, collectors and resellers. Unlike other sites we have complete control over the sale of all bikes on this website.
We are not middle-men or a broker. You are dealing with us and nobody else.